Ultrarunner. High Performer. CXP Athlete.

Zach Miller | CXP



Of product development. Testing and tweaking each and every detail to achieve a best in class product.

10,000 +


And Counting. Rain or shine. Uphill or down. Blistering heat or freezing cold. Zach sees it all and runs towards it in comfort.


Boxer brand

It matters. CXP gives Zach the support he needs to exceed expectations with every step he takes.

Everyone starts somewhere.

from humble beginnings...

Zach was born in Kenya, before growing up in rural Pennsylvania. After running collegiately, Zach worked and lived on a cruise ship in his early twenties, which made for headlines when he unexpectedly won the JFK 50 Mile in 2013 - he trained for the gruelling distance event on stairwells and treadmills on a ship out at sea.

Where you finish is up to you.

...To Unstoppable Winnings

Since then, Zach has twice won the 50 Mile Endurance Challenge as well as the Lake Sonoma 50 Mile, the Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix 101KM and the Ultra 105KM.

Zach faces challenges head on, no matter the conditions. His training mimics his minimalist, true-to-the-sport lifestyle. He listens to how he feels and runs instinctively, using his innate sense of pacing and direction to guide him instead of GPS. The only tech he needs is CXP.

"I've tested them in all sorts of conditions: wet, dry, hot, humid, cold - en route to winning the Trail 100 Andorra, for 20 hrs to finish second at Tour Du Mont Blanc, and for 3+ hrs at the 40k world championships in Thailand. To sum it up, I’ve put them through the ringer and I like what I’ve found".

Zach Miller

It's in the little details.

why cxp matters to you

Comfort Matters: Our high performance multi-panel waistband offers unrivalled stability, comfort, and support for long endurance training.

Movement Matters: Gain freedom of movement in high intensity workouts with our ultrasonic bonded no chafe seams and premium 4-way stretch fabric.

Temperature Matters: Our specially designed temperature regulating technology activates as soon as you start moving. Stay cool when things get hot.

Personal Best Matters: Professionally designed. Professionally tested. Professionally used. Discover your potential with CXP and redefine your personal best.

Developed with elite athletes, for all athletes.


Endurance XP is an evolution of our bestselling Run XP - Designed, engineered and tested in collaboration with Zach.

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