ENDURANCE XP has everything you would expect from CXP - Unrivalled support and stability from our high performance waistband. No chafe ultrasonic bonded seams. Premium 4-way stretch sweat wicking fabric and to maximise comfort during longer duration training, we've added temperature regulation formula that activates when you get active, to keep you cool no matter what.

An evolution of our bestselling Run XP - Designed, engineered and tested in collaboration with Ultra runner Zach Miller.


Inseam Length
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New 7" inseam length
Endurance XP Boxer 7" BlackEndurance XP Boxer 7" Black
Endurance XP Boxer 5" BlackEndurance XP Boxer 5" Black
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Run PackRun Pack
Run Pack Sale price$83.00
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Endurance XP 7" Black 5 PackEndurance XP 7" Black 5 Pack
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Endurance XP 5" Black 5 PackEndurance XP 5" Black 5 Pack
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Endurance XP 7" Black 3 PackEndurance XP 7" Black 3 Pack
Endurance XP 5" Black 3 PackEndurance XP 5" Black 3 Pack
Endurance XP 7" Black 2 PackEndurance XP 7" Black 2 Pack
Endurance XP 5" Black 2 PackEndurance XP 5" Black 2 Pack
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Ultimate PackUltimate Pack
Ultimate Pack Sale price$251.00
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Pro Pack 7"Pro Pack 7"
Pro Pack 7" Sale price$130.00
Pro Pack 5"Pro Pack 5"
Pro Pack 5" Sale price$122.00
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Elite Pack 7"Elite Pack 7"
Elite Pack 7" Sale price$86.00
Elite Pack 5"Elite Pack 5"
Elite Pack 5" Sale price$81.00