Built Different

Power mesh waistband. activated.

Bringing support that increases the harder you work, allowing you to train harder for longer without comfort becoming a limiting factor in sports performance.


improved pressure regulation





We started with a simple goal - to revolutionise sports underwear.

We are committed to engineering a product that is fit for purpose and supports athletic performance without any limitations.

So Light. So Responsive.


Over 5 years in development and 100 prototypes later - Our targeted compression technology launched everything.

We discovered that by modifying the waistband used on standard underwear, we could deliver unprecedented pressure regulation, unrivalled stability and an ultra lightweight garment.

We left nothing up to chance, taking to the lab and global sporting events to prove our concept. Here's our journey...

Independent Study


We headed to the lab to prove the impact our engineered waistband has on garment performance across sports environments.

CXP technology regulates tension on soft tissue zones to support optimal training.

Independent data showed that CXP technology promotes performance benefits compared to standard waistbands and that these benefits increase the harder the athlete is working.


Protected by Patents

Our breakthrough targeted pressure zone design is IP protected - globally and across all product types.

Independent Study


In 2020 we went back to the lab. We worked with a leading University sports science department to test CXP sportswear against market leading brands.

In a controlled environment, supported by multiple participants and 100’s of individual drills. The independent data showed that garments with CXP technology offered over 50% improvement in garment stability during high intensity exercise compared to products from market leading brands.

You'll move freely, but your CXP's will stay put.

Proof of Concept

Trusted by Elites

We have tried and tested CXP patented technology at the highest levels of elite sport.

Working closely with global sports talent to test, evolve and refine CXP products for optimal training and performance. 

Product Development

Zach Miller

We partnered with Ultra runner Zach Miller to create a best in class running product built on the foundations of CXP technology.

We worked closely with Zach over an 8-month period to refine the garment construction and soft tissue pressure zones. Zach tested prototypes for us across various environments and conditions to find optimal product performance.

When Zach won Andorra Ultra 105km in 2022, he did so wearing CXP. 

In collaboration with Zach, we released RUN XP, selling out both product releases. The limited edition green colour supported Zach’s chosen charity - Protect Our Winters



Always striving to improve, in 2023 we developed our MUSCLE MIRRORING™.

An evolution of our CXP Technology, our targeted compression was developed alongside CXP medical director Dr El-Amin. It provides unparalleled training and performance support and is trusted by athletes for everyday training and elite performance.

Don't just take our word for it

Rated 5/5 by Men's Fitness, Best Workout Underwear by Esquire and awarded Most Comfortable Training Briefs in Gear Patrol's Fitness Awards.